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Stealth Strips®

Stealth Strips® Roll Camo Silencing Tape

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Stealth Strips® priced fairly so everybody can be their best in the tree!

Our Stealth Strips® Roll should be essential gear in every hunters pack! It is versatile, durable, and practical for anything from field repair on canvas tarps to silencing and covering shiny metal surfaces like the kind of sticks, stands, ad platforms.

Available in two sizes, the rolls can be used to silence any piece of hunting gear or archery equipment. When an annoying metal click pops up on the haul in, or during your hunt, pull out your Stealth Strips® Roll, trim off a small piece, then peel and stick.

They are especially great for predator hunting gear. No one needs silence more than the predator hunter, from wrapping sling swivels, studs, and many other crucial contact points in your set up. Wrap and silence any piece of your hunting gear.

Like a modern day moleskin for archery. It is an excellent Arrow Rest Material and Bow Shelf Material along with everything else its great for!

If your gonna carry camo silencing tape, might as well be Stealth Strips®.

Made available in Strata Camo and two different sizes so you can get exactly what you need for your set up!