About Us

Their love of hunting started early.  In a suburban Orlando backyard, two kids learned to shoot bows on our next-door neighbor's target. Over the years, the outdoors were more than a hobby; they were a lifestyle. After learning about and actively saddle hunting, they recognized a gap in the saddle hunting and outdoor community. That gap was the price gap. Many saddle hunting products are high priced. They set out to change that. 

Hang Free came to life on February 28, 2022 when two brothers, Van and Wyatt Wilkes, decided to start this business. Our mission is to provide top quality products for the best possible price. We believe that the saddle hunting experience is worth more than money. Because of this belief, we fairly price all of our items, giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to experience saddle hunting. We create both tried and true products, as well as debut new items to the saddle hunting community, creating a community of saddle hunters that don't have to break the bank to participate in the hobby that we love. We believe hunting alone is never as much fun as hunting with friends.  Our ultimate goal is to become rich, but not in terms of money.  Instead we seek friendships, relationships, and experiences gained through a shared love of saddle hunting, where the real wealth is.