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Hang Free™

Sewn Tubular Webbing Tree Tether (Easy Adjust)

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Our Sewn Tubular Webbing Tree Tether is what we believe to be the first of its kind. We have designed this Tether with a different function than other Tubular Webbing Tree Tethers on the market. 

This is truly one of the easiest adjusting tethers we have! We have orientated the Austrialpin "Tri-Glide" and "Frame Buckle" to allow for not only one hand ascending, but also one hand descending (not for rapelling). This Tether will function very similar to a mechanical ascender. Simply pull the tag end to go up or use the "Pull Tab" which is the orange loop, to go down. We made the Pull Tab with orange so it is very visible and you don't accidentally clip into the wrong loop. 

*Tether comes at an 8' Stock Length*

If you're on a budget, or just looking to change it up with your Tether or Lineman's, this is the way to go!

Main piece of tether is Coyote Brown and the portion where you clip in is Black and Orange. Optional ScrewGate Carabiner by Wild Country is available. 

Note: As mentioned above, this will act just like an ascender. When you pull the orange pull tab, there is no friction, meaning you will start going backwards rapidly. Simply take some of your weight off using your other hand, adjust the length as needed, and sit back into your saddle. Do not pull the tab if you are fully weighted in your saddle.