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Hang Free™

Rope Gear/Bow Hanger Kit & 3/16 Full Bury Lineman's Belt

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We paired the 3D Printed Gear/Bow Hanger Kit made to fit and be used with either a Tether or Lineman's Belt that is 11mm or below with our 3/16 Full Bury AmSteel Blue Lineman's belt. 

You can now use your Lineman's Belt as a gear hanger, bow hanger, and normal Lineman's Belt. Once you have used the Belt to climb up the tree, simply clip the carabiner on the belt's fixed loop, cinch it almost fully tight to the tree but not all the way tight, add the 3 gear hooks and 1 bow hanger to the belt, then fully cinch it tight to the tree. It's now ready for your bow and other gear!  

Kit includes: 

3/16 Full Bury AmSteel Blue Lineman's Belt 8' length. (Black Prusik and Prusik Tender with green band as pictured will come on the belt. Belt has 4.5" Fixed Loop for girth hitching to saddle when climbing) 

One 3D Printed Bow Hanger/Holder and 3 gear hooks. 

Bow Hanger has been tested to hold 10lb. 

Gear Hooks have been tested to hold 20lb

Lineman's Belt has a safe working load of 450lb. 

*No Carabiner included*