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Ring Of Steps Full Bury Ultimate Stick Attachment (USA)

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The Ring of Steps (USA) Ultimate Stick Attachment System has been built specifically for all of our "ring of step" users.

Featuring a Full Bury 1/8 AmSteel®-Blue main line, a 7/64 Full Bury AmSteel®-Blue prusik, and a Austrialpin “Tri-Glide” Buckle. This system can either be used for a full set of Ring Of Steps, or for a singular step, for your climbing method.

We highly recommend ordering a length that is long enough to wrap around the tree and the step(s) twice to have the most firm and strong hold. The Tri-Glide buckle is used for the attaching method. Simply slip the Prusik loop over the Tri-Glide, cinch it tight, and your good to go. AmSteel®-Blue doesn’t stretch so this allows for even a single step to be secured tightly to the tree.