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Hang Free™

Quick Draw Backup/Rappel Bridge

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The Quick Draw Back Up/Rappel Bridge is a great back up and repel bridge option for all saddle hunters. If you are a hunter who likes to be extra safe or, you use a certain style bridge where it's easier to have a separate bridge for repelling, then this is the bridge for you. 

The Quickdraw Back Up/Rappel Bridge comes 1/4 AmSteel®-Blue. The total length is stock at 2' and have a 4” fixed eye on one side, and a 2” fixed eye on the other.

The 4” fixed eye is used to girth hitch the bridge onto your saddle loop, and the 2” eye can be used for clipping in your preferred carabiner. This allows the bridge to be quickly added or taken off of your saddle. You can also store this bridge by simply clipping the carabiner to one of the molle webbing slots on your saddle. This bridge offers a 8” deep bury that creates a centered channel so if used for repelling, you can't turn or spin as easily as you would with a smooth, through and through bridge. 

(Carabiner not included. Only used for example product photos)

1/4  AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 7700 LB