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Hang Free

3D Printed Quick Bow Hanger

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3D Printed Quick Bow Hanger made to fit 1" Flat or Tubular Webbing. 

Works with various different straps such as Tethrd's HYS Strap.

Works best with bow limbs 3" wide or below.

Bow Hanger has been tested to hold 10lbs. 

We have partnered with DIYBowhunting to bring all of you the best 3D printed products possible. 

Add a 6' or 8' strap. Strap will be made from Mil-Spec Tubular Webbing, One Austrialpin "Tri-Glide" Buckle, one Cam Buckle, and One 7/64 Continuous loop. This makes for a super fast and easy attachment to any tree!