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Hang Free™

Quick Bow/Gear Hanger Kit With Strap

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3D Printed Quick Attach Bow/Gear Hanger paired with our very own, and custom made, hang free strap. Using Plastic G-Hooks buckles, polypropylene webbing, and sewn loops this makes for light, strong, quiet, and easy to use strap.

The strap has 2 sewn loops and two plastic G-Hooks. This allows for you to use one loop and one G-Hook to cinch the bow hanger and gear hangers tight to the tree and the other G-Hook and Loop can be used to hang your backpack at various heights with no additional hook, clip, or buckle needed. 

We designed this strap to be added to the tree as easy as possible without losing any ability to get it cinched super tight! This is in our opinion the easiest and most efficient gear hanger out there. 

Comes with complete strap, 1 Bow Hanger, and 3 gear hangers. The bow and gear hangers can be easily removed or added to the strap. You can also move the bow and gear hangers around the strap for a perfect set up every time! 

Bow hanger has been tested to hold 10lb.

Gear hangers have been tested to hold 20lb. 

Strap comes in Olive Green and either 6' or 8' length. 

All 3D Printed pieces are made by DIYBowhunting.