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Hang Free™

Openable AmSteel®Blue Bridges

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Offering 2 types or styles of openable and adjustable AmSteel®Blue bridges. Both will measure 3.5' in length with bungee loops in the end. This allows for the tag end to be clipped to a molle webbing clip or other part of your saddle while you walk in or out of the woods. 

Difference between styles:

Openable: Comes with 4" fixed loop for girth hitching on one side of your saddle, and a 12" 3/16 continuous loop which creates a 4:4 prusik with very little access. This allows for a carabiner to be clipped in with everything having very little access keeping the overall profile of the bridge low. 

Openable/Fully Adjustable: Comes with larger fixed loop (9" fixed loop) to make 3 wraps onto your saddle, then two 12" continuous amsteel loops. One loop is for adjusting the length of the bridge very similar to the regular openable, and the other loop is for making wraps onto your saddle, this allows for pressure adjustment. You then use the carabiner to clip into both loop as pictured allowing for a a fully adjustable, yet openable bridge.