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Hang Free™

Olive Green Hang Free™ Attachment System (H.F.A.S.) Prusik/Spliced Tender Only

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Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue H.F.A.S. Spliced Prusik/Tenders Only are one of the select products offered in the first ever Olive Green series or line of AmSteel®-Blue Products. 

Due to limited quantity of Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue, we only have our H.F.A.S. Spliced Prusik/Tender Only made to fit a 1/8 Full Bury Main Line or a 3/16 Non Full Bury Main Line. We cannot guarantee this product will fit other companies main lines and can only guarantee these prusik/tenders will fit our 1/8 Full Bury and 3/16 Non Full Bury Main Lines.

Our Hang Free™ Attachment Systems (H.F.A.S.) is a patent pending Attachment System made specifically to make climbing with versa button sticks, stands, and platforms easier. With a spliced in Prusik Tender, not only do you no longer have to add two loops over your versa button, you also get a perfect even pull every time. 

**Refer to the regular spliced prusik tender only listing for video on how to tie it on to your main line.**