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Hang Free™

Olive Green 3/16 AmSteel®-Blue 'Mega Aider'

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Our 3/16 Mega Aider in Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue is one of the select products offered in the first ever Olive Green line of AmSteel®-Blue Products.

We had requests for a larger, sturdier aider, so we delivered! Made with a larger diameter of both AmSteel®-Blue and fuel line, this aider provides a stable, strong, and reliable aider option. The steps on the 'Mega Aider' will stay open MUCH better than most smaller aider options. 

As you can see in the outdoor pictures, these aiders simply disappear on the tree. Blend in better with our Olive Green Mega Aiders!

Comes Stock at 16" length per step, and 7" wide per step. Due to limited quantity of Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue, we only have one size.. for now! 

Fixed loops are 3" and come standard with castration bands for cinching tight to your stick. 

3/16 AmSteel®-Blue Working Load: 500 Lb.