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Hang Free

Olive Green 3/16 Full Bury Hang Free Attachment System (H.F.A.S.)

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Our 3/16 Full Bury H.F.A.S. in Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue is one of the select products offered in the first ever Olive Green line of AmSteel®-Blue Products. We are super excited to bring all of you the Olive Green Series! 

For more information on our Patent Pending Full Bury H.F.A.S. please see original H.F.A.S. listing.

1/8 Full Bury Size is great for sticks, 3/16 Full Bury Size is suited for platforms and stands. Although it would still work with sticks, 3/16 is not necessary unless in certain circumstances. On the other hand, 1/8 is generally going to be a bit small for platforms but if you order a length log enough to wrap twice around the tree, 1/8 will be just fine. 

Due to limited stock of Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue, we are only offering 2 different length options available in either 6' or 8' lengths. We still are offering 5 different prusik/tender colors to choose from as well as the optional addition of a bungee loop on the end.

3/16 Full Bury H.F.A.S.- 500lb working load

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