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Olive Green 1/8 Double Step Aider

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Our 1/8 Double Step Aider in Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue is one of the select products offered in the first ever Olive Green line of AmSteel®-Blue Products. We are super excited to bring all of you the Olive Green Series! 

This 1/8 Double Step Aider is a 18" x 8" Double Step Aider as we have limited quantity of Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue so we decided to go with one our most popular length and width option. 

Comes with 2.5" fixed loops that do not count as part of the final length, this is done so you can add it to your climbing stick without losing any of the 18" step length. The 18" step length is for each step not for the entire aider length. 

1/8 AmSteel®-Blue- 320lb working load