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Olive Green 1/8 AmSteel®-Blue Cinch Aider

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Our 1/8 Cinch Aider in Olive Green AmSteel®-Blue is one of the select products offered in the first ever Olive Green line of AmSteel®-Blue Products. We are super excited to bring all of you the Olive Green Series! 

The Olive Green 1/8 Cinch Aider is one of our more popular aider styles working with both single step, double step, and all other style climbing sticks. Very easy to add to any stick and just as easy to take off. Simply use the castration band added to the top of the loop to cinch the aider tight to your stick! 

Comes stock as 18" Long  x 7" Wide. Extra length is added to the loop to account for the lost length when going over your climbing sticks step or standoff. 

1/8 AmSteel®-Blue- 320lb working load