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Hang Free™

Moveable/Adjustable Sewn Climbing Stick Aider

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Our only Moveable and Adjustable Climbing Stick Aider option. This is an absolute beast when it comes to moveable aiders! Not only can you adjust the length with one hand, via the combination of Austrialpin buckles, but you can also take it up the tree with you and not have to have multiple aiders. 

Adjusts from 17" long to 4' long allowing you to attach it the stick using the versa button. You also have the option of attaching the aider over the sticks top post and still find the right length! 

You can also add a "Tag Long" which is a 3' piece of bungee that can be girth hitched to the aiders loop and then clipped on to you via the small plastic clip that comes on it. From there, simply connect to your shirt or jacket so as you move above the aider, the aider will come off and tag along with you without you having you to reach back down and grab it. Orange or black bungee for the tag along options are available. 

This Aider only weighs 4.3 oz which is much lighter than some other sewn moveable aider options on the market. 

This aider is rated for a safe working load 350 lb. 

Made in house right here in the great USA!