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Hang Free™

Molle Webbing Quick Clips

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Hang Free’s 1” Molle Webbing Quick Clips are an awesome attachment system for anything with 1” molle webbing. The black (plastic) Molle Clip can be attached to the Molle Webbing and remain on the Molle Webbing. The Bungee/AmSteel®-Blue loop, your choice, can then be taken on and off the clip very easily. Many of our customers like to get a longer loop and girth hitch it to their climbing sticks and other gear so they can easily attach their gear while climbing up the tree, or coming down out of the tree. With the Molle Clip on your saddle and the loops on your gear, this is one of the fastest and quietest ways to carry your gear and take it on and off of your saddle. 

The loops are made from either 2.5mm Bungee or 7/64 AmSteel®-Blue depending on which one is selected. Both options easily attach and detach from the Molle Clip. The Molle Clip may be a snug fit when first attaching it to your saddle, but once you attach it, you’ll never have to worry about it coming off! 

Loop material selectable.

Color of loop selectable. 

Loop size selectable.