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Hang Free™

'Tree Stand' Saddle

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 Features of our new 'Tree Stand' Saddle:

- Adjustable 3/16 AmSteel-Blue bridge with 3.5' of adjustability. The bridge also has a bungee loop spliced into the end to allow for the tag end to be secured to your saddle via a molle webbing clip for your pack in or out of the woods. 

- 1 Pound total weight including bridge. 

-Shorter Bridge loops that can be used as lineman's loops as you climb the tree.

- One of the larger additions is the 3/4" Flat Molle webbing loops across the top and raised 3/4" molle webbing loops across the bottom. This allows for the easy addition of accessories or the ability to quickly hook on any accessories as needed. 3/4" Molle webbing also allows for you to choose some of our accessories built for smaller webbing and still allows for all of our regular accessories to be used as well. Raised Molle webbing on the bottom is great for hooking in pull up ropes and other lines you want out or your way on your ascent up the tree. 

- Built in Zipper: Super compact design and can be zipped up around your waist so you can sit, stand, and hunt out of your tree stand not knowing its even there. Then, When you want to change it up or need to shoot behind you, Simply unzip the 'Tree Stand Saddle', Turn around, and you are ready to rock!

- Allows for versatility in the tree stand from giving you options between either a sitting, standing, as well as a leaning position, which also offers 360 degree shooting. 

Self healing fabric from any small punctures, pricks, or nicks. Poke a small hole in your saddle accidentally? No problem! Just take your fingers and rub over the spot and that small hole will be no more. This does not mean the saddle is indestructible, large tears, rips, or punctures, may not or will not heal themselves. 

Made in house right here in the USA! We do our own sewing to provide you the best quality possible. We don't want any shortcuts taken in the making of our saddles, which can happen when contracting out the sewing. Every saddle is made by hand and meticulously checked by multiple Hang Free Team Members in house. 

Weight Capacity: 300 LB

Meets OSHA fall restraint standards.

 *One size fits most*

Optimal waist size 30"-42"

*You must read all provided instructions before using this saddle. Use at your own risk. Saddle Instructions can be found using the QR Code on the hang tag that is provided with every saddle or at the bottom of our website*