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Hang Free™

'Challenger' Saddle

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 Features of the 'Challenger' Saddle: 

- 4 total rows of molle webbing loops. This saddle features two raised molle webbing loop rows as well as two flat molle webbing rows giving you the maximum amount of attachment points for your accessories.

- Built in lineman's loops.

- All sizes have a 3.5' Adjustable AmSteel-Blue Bridge which offers adjustability for the length of the bridge and pressure of where the saddle is being applied. This bridge also has a bungee loop spliced into the end allowing you to keep it tucked away while walking in or out of the woods via a simple molle webbing clip. 

- Pliable and Breathable, yet water proof fabric, up to 500 psi. This Fabric is also regenerative or self healable to small pricks, pokes, and punctures. Although it can self heal, it is not indestructible and large cuts, holes, or tears may not or wont heal themselves. 

Weight and belt sizing of saddle per size:

Medium- (Fits waist 26"-32") 1.5 pounds including bridge.

Large- (Fits Waists 32"-38") 1.7 pounds including bridge.

X-Large- (Fits Waists 38" and up. Saddle will not fit correctly if waist size is above 48")

Just 1.8 pounds including bridge!

Weight capacity: 300 lb

Meets OSHA Fall Restraint Standards. 

All instructions and safety information must be read before using this saddle. Use at your own risk. Saddle Instructions can be found using the QR Code on the hang tag that is provided with every saddle or at the bottom of our website.