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Hang Free™

'C.A.Y.N.' Saddle Bag

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The 'C.A.Y.N.' Saddle Bag is our new do it all bag. C.A.Y.N. stands for Carry All You Need as this saddle bag is a larger bag with enough room for your Tether and Lineman's as well as our one stick kits. 

Includes outside mesh pocket for holding gear hoists or other small accessories you need to bring with you.

The 'C.A.Y.N.' Bag can hold up to 40' of 9.5mm rope with hardware or, as mentioned above, both a tether and lineman's belt, allowing for only one saddle bag to be needed. Simply figure eight your one stick kit rope, pack it away in the bag and then easily be able to pull out whatever amount of rope you need without any hassle. This bag is hands down the best one stick kit bag or pouch out there! 

The 'C.A.Y.N.' Saddle Bag can also be cinched tight to a backpack or added onto a belt via the slots in the webbing on the backside of the bag. Simply slip a 1" wide compression strap or belt through the slots and hit the woods. 

Size: 13" Long x 7.5" wide. 

Weight: 3.5 Ounces

Made right here is the USA! Our sewing is done in America to insure top quality products you can trust!