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Hang Free™

Hang Free® Attachment System Lyte (H.F.A.S.L.)

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The Hang Free® Attachment System Lyte (H.F.A.S.L) is our newest and most affordable H.F.A.S. Mod. The New H.F.A.S. Lyte is a perfect attachment for your Climbing Sticks. Using a Non Full Bury 3/16 Main Line and a “1/8 Full Bury” H.F.A.S. Prusik this is a lighter, more affordable option for your climbing stick attachment.

Available in 6 & 8' lengths as well as two different color options. Spliced in Bungee loop comes standard with every mod and helps wrap up the H.F.A.S.

The H.F.A.S.L. Is a sleek, smooth, and easy to operate design. It functions as a normal friction hitch would but also allows for one hand cinching to the tree by simply pulling the tag end of the main line back toward the tree itself. With the Tender spliced directly into the beefed up Schwabisch Hitch loop, there is a lot less going on with the H.F.A.S. than other mods on the market. 

Made specifically for Climbing Sticks. Works great with one simple wrap around the tree and even better if you can get it twice around the tree/Versa Button. The H.F.A.S. will never slip, come loose, or stretch and will stay absolutely rock solid until you want to get it off. To get it off, the most popular method is unseating the Climbing Stick and simply popping the loop off of the versa button without having to move the Prusik at all. Then, when at the base of the tree, break the Prusik loose and get it ready for the next sit.

The H.F.A.S. is available without the main line if you are looking for just the Prusik/Tender itself. We have sizes that fit 1/8 Full Bury, 3/16 Full Bury, and 3/16 Non Full Bury Main Lines.

 H.F.A.S Lyte Working Load.- 320 lb 

Hand made in the USA

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