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Hang Free

Hang Free Attachment System Lyte (H.F.A.S.L.)

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The Hang Free Attachment System (H.F.A.S.) Is our brand-new patent pending attachment system that has solved every issue with climbing attachment methods. The Hang Free Attachment System is an  AmSteel®-Blue Schwabisch Hitch with a Spliced In 1.75mm Dyneema Cord Prusik Tender. This allows for true one hand operation. With the Tender spliced directly into the Schwabisch Hitch, this allows for only one loop to be placed around the versa button comparatively to our previous “Deluxe USA Mod’s” which had a separate tender that would slide down the main line requiring you to either have to hold on to both the Prusik and Tender or go fishing for the tender at the end of your main line.  
The New H.F.A.S. Lyte is a perfect attachment for your climbing sticks. Using a NON-FULL BURY 3/16 main line and a “1/8 Full Bury” H.F.A.S. Prusik this is a lighter, more affordable option for your climbing stick attachment.
Come withs bungee spliced into the end so you can easily wrap it up on your stick and keep it packed away nicely.
Working load: 320 lb.