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Hang Free™

Double Step Sewn Climbing Stick Aider

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Our Sewn Double Step Climbing Stick Aider is the top of the line when it comes to aiders. Providing ease of use, light weight, and extreme strength, there is not much else better than this aider on the market. 

Comes stock at 16" long (Per Step) and 7" wide as well as an Attachment Style option where either a Fixed Loop or a Tri-Glide Attachment Style is available. 

Designed to retain rigidity and keep an open step when in use. The wider you place sewn loops onto the climbing sticks steps the better the aider steps will stay open. 

Uses Coyote Tan Tubular Webbing, Fuel Line, and castration bands.

This aider only weighs 5.3 oz which is significantly lighter than some other sewn aider options on the market!

Aider is rated for a working load of 350 lb. 

Made in-house right here in the great USA!