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Hang Free™

'Challenger' Series Saddle Kit- Youth/Small

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Have you want to get your son or daughter into saddle hunting but haven't had the right options to do so yet? Look no further. With the Youth/Small 'Challenger' Series Saddle Kit, we give you everything you need to get your kid out hunting or practicing with you. 

Saddle Kit Includes:

- One Youth/Small 'Challenger' Saddle

- One 'Challenger' Series Saddle Bag

- One 'Challenger' Series 'BackBand'

- One 6' 8mm OpLux Tree Tether With Prusik & Prusik Tender.

- One 6' 8mm OpLux Lineman's Belt with Prusik & Prusik Tender.

- Two HotForge Screwgate Carabiners

The entire kit weighs just 2.5 Pounds!

Fits waists 18"-26"

Weight capacity 300 LB

Meets OSHA Fall Restraint Standards. 

*Strict parent or guardian supervision is required if a minor and or child under the age of 18 is using this product. Purchasing and using this product is done so at the risk of the customer and user. All instructions must be read before using this saddle. Using this saddle is done so at the users own risk. Saddle Instructions can be found using the QR Code on the hang tag that is provided with every saddle or at the bottom of our website.*