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Hang Free™

Cam Cleat Rope Mod

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The Cam Cleat Rope Mod was originally designed for a 'Muddy Pro Stick' but we have since modified it to work with ANY climbing stick that uses a cam cleat. We use 3/16 AmSteel®-Blue to make this rope mod. The mod itself is 8mm in diameter with a 3" loop on one end and a stopper knot on the other. The Cam Cleat Rope Mod is an exact replacement rope for the 'Muddy Pro Stick' and is the exact diameter as the rope that comes with the Pro Stick. For those who have a different stick than the Muddy Pro Stick, simply use the 3" fixed loop to girth hitch the mod onto your stick right beneath the cam cleat and you are ready to go!

For those who are looking for a rope mod not for a cam cleat, we offer this same rope mod but with a bungee rope on the end to wrap it up nicely onto your stick, hooking your bungee onto a versa button.