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Hang Free™

'BattleBorn' Cinch Aiders

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Our 'BattleBorn' Cinch Aiders are made from the extremely strong and pliable 'BattleCord' and looks, as well as functions, very similarly to our widely popular 'Cinch Aider'. 

The 'BattleBorn' Aider is made tough and ready for anything you throw at it. Comes in either Olive Green  or Timber Tan as well as either 16" or 18" lengths with a stock 7" wide fuel line step. 

Easily attach or detach this aider using the Paracord Slider that will cinch your aider tight to your stick as well as loosen your aider so it can be easily removed. 

Diameter- 5.6mm

BattleCord Tensile Strength-2650 lb.