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Soft Shackles (Two Pack)

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AmSteel®-Blue Soft Shackles (Two Pack), in your desired color, length, and diameter of AmSteel®-Blue.

3/16 does not have an orange option. If orange is selected it only applies to the 7/64 and 1/8 Soft Shackles.

Overhand knot used with heat shrink wrap on the tag end to finish.

The length is measured from the inside of the loop. The length that arrives will be within half an inch of the chosen length. Example: If a 6" length is chosen, the length that arrives at your house will be between 5.5" and 6.5."

7/64 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 1400 LB

1/8 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 2300 LB

3/16 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 4900 LB