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Hang Free™

Adjustable AmSteel®Blue Bridges

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Our Adjustable AmSteel Blue Bridge's comes in two different styles. Both are 3.5' long with a bungee loop on the end for keeping the tag in out of our way while walking in or out of the woods.

Both are MADE FROM 1/4" AmSteel Blue and use a 3/16" AmSteel Blue Continuous Loops. 

Difference in style: 

Adjustable: 4" fixed loop and 14" continuous loop for making a single girth hitch on each side of your saddle and a 4:2 Schwabisch Hitch for adjusting. How to add this bridge can be seen in our YouTube Tutorial video on our HANGFREECO YouTube channel. 

Fully Adjustable: 9" fixed Loop and 22" 3/16 Continuous loop. This allows for 3 wraps onto each side of your saddle and up to a 4:4 prusik. This means you are able to adjust the pressure of where your saddle is being applied by moving the prusik on the saddle itself up or down and it also allows for you to adjust the length of the bridge itself. 

Check out our YouTube Video for how to attach these bridges using the link below. 

Video link: