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Hang Free

9mm Sterling C-IV One Stick/Rappel Kit

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Our 9mm Sterling C-IV One Stick/Rappel Kit is another great option for guys looking to get into one sticking for a budget friendly price but still getting a sweet one stick/rappel kit. The length you order will come with an additional 2’ of rope to account for tying on your quick link and adding a stopper knot to the other end. This is done so you can use all of the length you selected. 

Kit Includes:

9mm Sterling C-IV in length ordered + 2’ 

DynaGlide that matches length ordered with spliced eyes

One 6mm Sterling Accessory Cord Tied Prusik

Two Black Diamond HotForge ScrewGate Carabiners

One Black Diamond Super 8 Belay Device

One Oval or Triangle 8mm Steel Quick Link

Note: All One Stick Kits should be used in conjunction with a lineman's Belt to ensure you are connected or clipped in to the tree at all times.