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9mm C-IV Tree Tethers & Lineman's Belts

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Our 9mm C-IV Tree Tethers and Lineman's Belts are a great option for all saddle hunters. We give options for C-IV Color Selection, Prusik Cord selection, and Length Selection. 

Comes stock with a Tied Eye to Eye Connector of your choice, and an AmSteel Blue X BEASTEE D-Ring Tender for easy one hand adjustment.

Both the Tether and Lineman's come stock with a 6" Tied Eye which is perfect for either a tether or lineman's application.

Rope and Cord Specifications: 

Sterling C-IV has an MBS of: 4,663 lb/20.7 Kn

Sterling 6mm TRC Cord has an MBS of: 3,484 lb/15.5 Kn

Sterling 6mm Accessory Cord has an MBS of: 1,978 lb/8.8 Kn