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Hang Free™

9mm C-IV Deluxe Sewn Tree Tethers & Lineman's Belts

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9mm Sterling C-IV is a great option for saddle hunters that want a do it all Tether & Lineman's, that wont break the bank, but gets the job done every time. Our Sewn Tether & Lineman's, paired with the Kong Duck and an optional carabiner, is a saddle hunters dream! 

Comes stock at 8' in length with a 5" Sewn Eye and a Kong Duck Ascender. Color and Carabiner Options are available. the 5" Sewn Eye is perfect for both Tethers and Lineman's.

Sterling 9mm C-IV Sewn 5" Eye MBS: 4,520 lb.

Third party tested.

Made in the USA.

If you are loking for both a Tether & Lineman's, we have a package deal available at a discounted price in our "Package Deals" collection!