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Hang Free™

9.5mm Tactical Response Standard One Stick/Rappel Kit

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The 9.5mm Tactical Response One Stick Kit is a great option for anyone looking to get into one sticking and has everything you need to use the One Stick method.

Kit includes:

40' of 9.5mm Tactical Response Rope.

40' 7/64 AmSteel®-Blue Gear Hoist/Pull Down Rope.

Two Black Diamond HotForge ScrewGate Carabiners. 

One Black Diamond Figure 8 Belay Device. 

One 24" Sewn TRC Eye to Eye Connector  

One Oval Or Triangle Quick Link (8mm Steel). 

9.5 Tac Res Sewn Tight Eye MBS: 5,705 lb

6mm TRC Sewn Eye to Eye MBS: 4,510

Note: One sticking is inherently dangerous and should only be done so after proper training and practice at ground level. All One Stick/Rappel Kits should be used in conjunction with a Lineman's Belt to ensure you are connected or clipped in to the tree at all times.