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Hang Free

9.5mm Tactical Response One Stick/Rappel Kit

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The 9.5mm Tactical Response One Stick Kit is a great option for anyone looking to get into one sticking. 

Kit includes:

- Length of rope chosen.

- 7/64 AmSteel Blue Gear Hoist with spliced eyes made to same length and rope length. 

- 2 Black Diamond HotForge ScrewGate Carabiners. 

- 1 Black Diamond Figure 8 Belay Device. 

- 1 Sterling HollowBlock2 13.5" Black. 

- One Oval Or Triangle Quick Link, 8mm Steel. 

Note: One sticking/rappelling is a advanced technique and should be only done using proper equipment and in unison with a lineman's belt. Use any and all 'Hang Free One Stick/Rappel Kits' at your own risk.