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Hang Free™

9.5mm Tac Res Deluxe Sewn Tree Tether & Lineman's Belts

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9.5mm Tactical Response Deluxe Tether and Lineman’s is a great option for a Tether and Lineman’s belt. 9.5mm Tac Res is super abrasion resistant yet maintains a super pliable feel and is great in the hand! 

Comes Stock at an 8' in length and 5" Sewn Eye. Works great for both a Tether or Lineman's belt. Oval Carabiner Option is Available.

9.5mm SterlingTactical Response Sewn 5" Eye MBS: 5,705 lb.

Third party tested.

Made in the USA.

Package deal is available for Tether and Lineman's in our  "Package Deal" collection.