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Hang Free

9.5mm Tactical Response Tree Tether's and Lineman's Belt's

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The standard version of our 9.5mm Sterling Tactical Response Rope Tether and Lineman's belt. 

Tethers and lineman's come stock with a 6" Eye which is perfect for both Tether and Lineman's applications. Also comes stock with a sewn Prusik Tender. 

You can choose from 6mm TRC Cord or 6mm Black Accessory cord for your prusik which will be tied into a Distel Hitch for a super easy one hand adjustment when paired with the sewn tender. 

9.5mm Tactical Response is a perfect kind of hybrid rope which we feel falls between an OpLux rope which is pliable and almost soft to the touch and a nice hard protective outer sheath like C-IV. It is one of our favorite ropes. You get the Best of Both Worlds with 9.5mm Tac Res.