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Hang Free

9.5mm Tactical Response Deluxe Tether and Lineman's Package

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Our newest Tree Tether and Lineman's Belts made from Sterling 9.5mm Tactical Response (Tac Res) Rope. Both options include a Ropeman 2 and have the option to add two Wild Country Session Screw Gate Carabiners.

Both Tether and Lineman's come stock with 6" Tied Eyes which is perfect for both Tether and Lineman's applications.

Both Tether and Lineman's come 8' in length

9.5mm Tactical Response (Tac Res) has the feeling/pliability similar to OpLux but a tougher outer sheath similar to C-IV. Both the Tether and Lineman's can be adjusted with one hand via the Wild Country RopeMan 2 and will surely be a favorite for 2023.