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9.5mm Tactical Response Deluxe Tree Tether's and Lineman's Belts

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Our newest Tree Tether and Lineman's Belts made from Sterling 9.5mm Tactical Response (Tac Res) Rope. This Is the Deluxe Version including a Ropeman 2 and optional Wild Country Session Screw Gate Carabiner.

Comes Stock with a 6" tied eye and is 8' in length. Works great for both a Tether or Lineman's belt. 

9.5mm Tactical Response (Tac Res) has the feeling/pliability similar to OpLux but a tougher outer sheath similar to C-IV. This tether and lineman's can be adjusted with one hand via the Wild Country RopeMan 2 and will surely be a favorite for 2023.