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Hang Free

9.5mm Tactical Response Deluxe One Stick/Rappel Kit

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We heard your requests... and we are VERY excited to introduce our newest One Stick Kit made with 9.5mm Sterling Tactical Response (Tac Res) rope as well as a Mad Rock Safeguard (Springless). 

Comes stock with:

- 35' of 9.5mm Tactical Response (Tac Res) Rope (Sterling Rope)

- One Madrock SafeGuard (Springless)

- One 8mm Steel Oval or Triangle Quick Link. 

- 7/64 AMSTEEL®-BLUE (Black in color) 35' in length with spliced eyes for your gear hoist and retrieve line. 

- One BlackDiamond Black Oval ScrewGate Carabiner. 

Optional Backup rappel prusik and carabiner is available. If you select the backup rappel prusik you will receive a 13.5" Black Sterling HollowBlock2 and a second Black Oval ScrewGate Carabiner from BlackDiamond. 

We do strongly recommend always using a backup rappel device or prusik when using any type of rappel device or hardware. Rappelling is dangerous and you choose to use this kit at your own risk. A lineman's belt should be paired with this kit as well, along with any of our one stick/rappel kits.