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9.0mm C-IV Deluxe Sewn Tether and Lineman's Belt With Ropeman 2

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This 9.0mm C-IV Deluxe Tether and Lineman's Belt comes with a Wild Country Ropeman 2 suited for 8mm-13mm ropes, making these Tether and Lineman's belt options a super easy one hand operation. 

Comes stock at 8' in length with a 5" Sewn Eye and a Ropeman 2. Carabiner option is available. This eye size works flawlessly for both Tethers and Lineman's belts.

 9mm Sterling C-IV Sewn 5" Eye MBS: 4,520 lb.

Third Party Tested

Made in the USA

If you are looking for both a Tether & Lineman's, we offer this combo in a package deal at a discounted rate in our "Package Deals" Collection.