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Hang Free

8mm Sterling OpLux One Stick/Rappel Kit

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Our 8mm Sterling OpLux One Stick/Rappel Kit is one of our favorite kits we offer. Lightweight, simple, compact, and easy to use, it's hard to get better than this kit! 

The length you select will arrive with an additional 2’ of rope so you can tie on the oval 8mm quick link and put a stopper knot on the other end without losing or cutting into the length you purchase. Ex: 30’ length chosen, kit will arrive with 32’ total. 

Kit Includes: 

Length of rope + 2’ of chosen length

Matching length or Orange or Green DynaGlide with spliced eyes

Two Black Diamond HotForge Screw Gate Carabiners

One Sterling 19” Black HolloBlock2 Prusik

One Oval 8mm Steel Quick Link

One Black Diamond Super 8 Belay Device

Note: All One Stick Kits should be used in conjunction with a lineman's Belt to ensure you are connected or clipped in to the tree at all times.