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Hang Free™

8mm OpLux Tied Tree Tether & Lineman's Belts

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The 8mm Sterling OpLux Lineman’s Belt and Tree Tether's features 8mm Sterling OpLux, Tied 6mm Sterling TRC Cord Eye to Eye Connector, and a BEASTEE D-Ring with an Amsteel loop to act as a tender. OpLux makes for an amazing Lineman's Belt and Tree Tether as it is a lot more pliable than other climbing ropes while still maintaining extremely high strength.

Comes stock with a 5" Tied Eye and a 20" Tied Sterling TRC Eye to Eye connector as well as an Amsteel Prusik Tender. 6' or 8' Length Options are available as well as a carabiner option. 

8mm Sterling OpLux MBS: 5,440 lb. 

This product will arrive with a Schwabisch Hitch configuration tied with the Eye to Eye Connector.  

Made in the USA.