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Hang Free

8mm Sterling OpLux Tether & Lineman's Belts

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The 8mm Sterling OpLux Lineman’s Belt and Tree Tether's features 8mm Sterling OpLux, Tied 6mm Sterling TRC Cord Eye to Eye Connector, and a BEASTEE D-Ring with an amsteel loop to act as a tender. OpLux makes an amazing lineman's belt and Tree Tether as it is a lot more pliable than other climbing ropes and still maintain’s an extremely high MBS rating of 5,440 lb. 

Has a 6" Tied eye which is a perfect size for either a tether or lineman's belt application. 

Tether and Lineman's will have a TRC Eye to eye large enough to make either a Distal Hitch or a Schwabisch Hitch. This product will arrive with a Schwabisch hitch but can easily be changed to a Distal. 

We recommend a Distal hitch for Tree Tether usage and a Schwabisch hitch for Lineman's belt. How to tie both hitches can be seen on our youtube page: HANGFREECO