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Hang Free™

8mm Predator™ Spliced Tree Tether's & Lineman's Belt's

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Our nicest "non Deluxe" Tree Tethers and Lineman's Belts! Comes stock with a Spliced Eye (style is selectable) allowing for the most flush finish available on the market. The spliced options also allow for a very low profile so you can stash it away in your saddle bags with ease! 

Come stock at 8' in length with a 6" Spliced Eye as well as a Sewn 20" TRC Eye to Eye Connector and Amsteel®-Blue Prusik Tender for easy one hand adjustment. An optional Carabiner is available as well.

Sewn TRC Eye to Eye MBS: 4,510 lbs. 

Spliced 8mm Predator™ 6" Eye MBS: 3,200 lbs.

Third party tested.

Made in the USA.