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Hang Free™

8mm Predator™ Adjustable Bridges

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The lowest profile nylon/polyester rope bridges available on the market today. Offering both spliced and sewn eye options, these bridges offer everything the AmSteel®-Blue bridges offer, but with easier adjustments. 

All options will come stock with 42" or 3.5' of adjustability. 

Adjustable: Comes stock with a 5" Sewn or spliced eye for making a single girth hitch onto one side of your saddle and a 16" TRC Sewn Loop for a single girth hitch and a 3:3, or 3 wrap prusik, on the other side of your saddle. 

Fully Adjustable: Comes stock with a 10" sewn or spliced eye for making 3 wraps (girth hitches) onto one side of your saddle, and a 20" TRC Sewn Loop for making 3 wraps onto the saddles bridge loop and a 3:3 or 3 wrap prusik onto the other side of the saddle. This style allows for you to adjust the pressure of where your saddle is being applied. 

Sewn TRC Loop MBS: 4,750 lbs

8mm Predator™ Spliced Eye MBS: 3,200 lbs

8mm Predator™ Sewn Eye MBS: 4,420 lbs

Made right here in the USA.