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Hang Free™

8mm Predator™ Standard Sewn Tether & Lineman's Package

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This 8mm Predator™ Tether/Lineman's Package is meant to be a more affordable option as it comes with a standard Sewn Loop instead of an Eye to Eye connector. 8mm Predator™ is the most versatile Saddle Hunting Rope on the market! 

Both main lines come stock at 8' in length and have a 5" Sewn Eye. Each Line comes stock with a 12" sewn Prusik Loop and carabiners options are available.

For more information, see original product listings.

TRC Sewn Loop MBS: 4,750 lbs 

8mm Predator™ Sewn Eye MBS: 4,420 lbs

Third party tested.

Made in the USA.