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Hang Free

8mm OpLux Deluxe Tree Tether & Lineman's Belts

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Our Deluxe 8mm Sterling OpLux Tether and Lineman’s Belts are lightweight, easily packable as well as very nice to work with. They come with a black Kong Duck Ascender for easy one hand adjustment.

We opted for a tied eye over a sewn eye as OpLux is already very pliable and the knot doesn’t have a large profile. A tied eye also allows you to do what you’d like with the Tether or Lineman’s. That could include tying a different knot, tying the tag end to a carabiner or various other customization options. This ensures you’ll always have a perfect fit and easy adjustment given your particular set up! 

Both the Tether and lineman's come stock with 6" tied eyes which is perfect for both Tether and Lineman's options.