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Hang Free™

Sewn 8mm OpLux Bridge With Sewn Prusik

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Our 8mm OpLux Bridge With Sewn Prusik is one of our newer bridges. 

Comes stock at 3.5' with 10" Sewn eye which is not counted as part of the length, this means you can add it to your saddle and still have 3.5' for length adjustment. 

Also included is a Sewn 20" TRC Prusik. This will allow for 2 or 3 wraps to be made onto your saddles bridge loops and a 3:3 prusik made onto the bridge's main line. (As pictured) 

Please note, this bridge can't be added like our AmSteel Blie Bridges can be. The 3:3 prusik needs to be made around a marker or something similar to a 8mm diameter, then you make the wraps onto the saddle before feeding the main line of the bridge back through the 3:3 prusik. 

8mm OpLux Sewn Eye MBS: 5,720 lbs

6mm TRC Sewn Loop MBS: 4,750 lbs