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Hang Free™

8mm & 11mm Predator™ Rope By The Foot/Spool

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Note: All by the foot/spool orders are final and cannot be returned or refunded. 

Camouflaged double-braid climbing line at 8mm & 11mm from Samson. This is an excellent climbing line that will work with your favorite hitch cords and climbing hardware while still allowing you to keep a low profile in the tree while maintaining a strong and solid feel of the rope. Perfect for saddle hunting, rec climbs, hunting, canopy research, and any other climbing where high visibility of the line is not desirable.

Features and Benefits:

Excellent for footlocking


Great knot-holding capability


Works well with hardware

Applications Include

Climbing Line

Color Options:

❖ Predator™ Camo

Desert Camo

Fiber: Nylon/Polyester

Specific Gravity: 1.25

Splice/Class: Double Braid Class I

Elastic Elongation: At percent of break strength





Min Breaking Strength (lbs).       Ave Breaking Strength (lbs)

Unspliced  3,600                                        4,000

Spliced       3,240                                        3,600

Made in the USA.