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Hang Free™

6mm TRC Sewn Eye to Eye Connectors

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6mm TRC Sewn Eye to Eye Connectors are great for different style hitches on ropes ranging from 8mm-12mm. Offering various different lengths allows for various hitches to be tied which overall, adds an extremely versatile piece of equipment to your gear.  

On 8mm Ropes, a 20" eye to eye connector works great for Schwabisch hitches, distal hitches etc. 

6mm TRC Eye to Eye Connector, when tested in a "U" configuration: MBS: 4,510 lbs ABS: 4,795 lbs

Third part tested in a "U" or "Basket" Configuration. This is the configuration the eye to eye connector would be in when being used for friction hitches or other saddle hunting applications.

Made in house right here in the USA.