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Hang Free™

10mm BlackOut Sewn Tree Tether & Lineman’s Belts

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The 10mm Safety Pro BlackOut Tether & Lineman’s Belts are made from Sterling 10mm Safety Pro and 8mm Samson Predator™. This is an awesome option for either a Tree Tether or Lineman’s belt. Safety Pro is extremely pliable and easily packs away into a dump pouch or bag. 

Comes stock at 8' in length with a 5" Sewn Eye and a 8mm Samson Predator™ Sewn Prusik Loop. 

10mm Sterling Safety Pro Sewn Eye MBS: 6,040 lbs. 

8mm Samson Predator™ Sewn Prusik Loops MBS: 4,420 lbs. 

We also sell this Tether and Lineman’s belt combo in a Package Deal at a discounted price. Head over to the "Package Deals" collection for the listing.