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Hang Free™

10mm BlackOut Deluxe Sewn Tether & Lineman's Belts

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Our 10mm Deluxe BlackOut Tether and Lineman's Belts are a perfect option for saddle hunters. Featuring Sterling's 10mm Black Safety Pro Static Rope and a Kong Duck Ascender. This is a lightweight but strong and super pliable Tether & Lineman's option for those guys who prefer those larger diameter ropes. The Kong Duck allows for super easy one handed adjustments and keeps a lower profile rather than a large Prusik Knot.

While Safety Pro is a larger diameter rope, it is still very pliable and can be packed away into smaller sized dump pouches.

Come stock at 8' in length with a 5" Sewn Eye and a Kong Duck Ascender. The 5" Sewn Eye is perfect for both Tether and Lineman's applications. Carabiner option is available as well.

10mm Sterling Safety Pro Sewn Eye MBS: 6,040 lbs. 

Third party tested.

Made in the USA.