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Hang Free

10mm BlackOut Deluxe Tether and Lineman's Belt With Ropeman 1

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Our 10mm BlackOut Deluxe Tree Tether's and Lineman's Belt, sold with a Wild Country Ropeman 1 Ascender and Carabiner option. This is a great combo for easy one hand adjustments. Wild Country Session ScrewGate Carabiner is optional. 

Tethers and lineman's come stock with a 6" Eye which is perfect for both Tether and Lineman's applications. They also come with an orange ropeman 1. These come standard at 8' in length and an optional session screwgate carabiner is available. 

Made with Sterling 10mm Safety Pro. Safety Pro is very pliable and feels great in the hand. Those characteristics allow this 10mm rope to seem as if it is smaller when packing away but still has the the nice feel of a larger diameter rope.