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1/8 Full Bury Ultimate Stick Attachment (USA)

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The 1/8 Full Bury Ultimate Stick Attachment (USA) system is a very popular stick, platform, and stand attachment method. 

1/8 AmSteel®-Blue (Black In color) is a very lightweight, durable, strong and reliable option. This USA is easily adjustable and works on all trees regardless of diameter or bark. Because this is a full bury, the USA will be a much stronger, and stiffer option, compared to our normal non Full Bury (USA) Ultimate Stick Attachment Mods. Once 1/8 is full buried, it equates to an 5 to 6 mm diameter. 

This option is great for platforms, sticks, stands, and any other gear you need strapped to the tree! 

Heat shrink is added to the tag end for a flush finish.
Comes with 6” Fixed Eye
Length options: 4’-12’

1/8 AmSteel®-Blue MBS- 2300 LB

Safe Working Load of 320 lb