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Hang Free™

Whoopie Aider

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These 1/8 AmSteel®-Blue Whoopie Aiders are completely new to the Amsteel/Hunting market and are the first true adjustable AmSteel®-Blue aiders, created and built by Hang Free™!

They are an adjustable AmSteel®-Blue aider via a whoopie sling on both sides. The whoopie aider was designed with the Northern/MidWest hunter in mind. Get up to 24” inches of length for warm days and all the way down to a 4” length for colder days. The width of the fuel line step is 6”

There are also castration bands added to both sides so that you can cinch the Aider down tight to the bottom step of your climbing sticks and never have to worry about them coming off. This is truly an ultimate Aider and can be adjusted to any length you need in just seconds.

This Aider can be cinched up to as short as 4 inches, which allows you to no longer spend countless minutes wrapping up your aiders and making them look nice on your stick. We all know how big of a pain that can be! Instead, cinch your aiders up to the shortest length, stack them together, and head out!

1/8 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 2300 LB